Colourama - A Synaesthesia Experience

  What: Colourama is an immersive installation at the Festival of the Mind, allowing you to experience what it's like to have a neurological condition called synaesthesia.

Visitors to the exhibition will step inside a multi-sensory booth, put on headphones and experience a simulated synaesthesia experience via sound, light and animation.

We've also produced an audio documentary / podcast about synaesthesia that we'll be premiering at the Festival of the Mind in a 19th century Belgian spiegeltent

Audiences will hear the documentary (on wireless headphones)
and a Q&A with the producers and participants will follow.

Erm...what is synaesthesia?

Synaesthesia is a rare but harmless neurological condition experienced by 4% of the population. The word synaesthesia is Greek in origin and loosely means 'union of the senses'.

Synaesthesia takes many forms, but Colourama focusses specifically on 'sound-to-colour' synaesthesia where someone with the trait may see colours when they hear sound. For example, hearing On the Beach by Neil Young might invoke the colour purple. Or the sound of chirping cicadas might be inexplicably orange. The best description we’ve come across was put together by TED

  Who: Colourama is a collaboration between mixed-media producer Thomas Wilson, and Renee Timmers + Caroline Curwen from University of Sheffield Music Dept.

The booth was built by award-winning Sheffield furniture designer and maker Ollie Allen and custom electronics are provided by Cal Lapugean.

 When: The Colourama ‘simulator' will be in the FutureCade exhibit in the Milenium Gallery 20-27th September.

The live-listening party of the podcast will be in the Festival of the Mind Spiegeltent outside City Hall at 4pm on 27 September. (There’s a bar, too). 

Be part of the reseach - we invite you to complete this very short questionnaire, share your experiences, and to add to our research.

Both events are unticketed and entry is free.

Full 2018 festival programme

- Listen to the COLOURAMA soundtrack on Spotify 

For more information:  hi@thomw.co / @thrillson on Twitter